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Software technical support is provided through the Clear Sky Software Help Desk during the hours of 8:00am until 5:00pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Call 704.554.6300 during these hours and a support technician will be happy to help you.

Personal Attention. Answers and Support.
support Clear Sky Software is a company built on relationships. From our very first clients (who are still using the system today) to new users, we understand that there's more to our relationship than the initial installation and occasional phone call. From training sessions to updating software and hardware, Clear Sky Software maintains a level of accountability unrivaled in the industry. Clients have direct access to our staff, often getting personal attention from one of the company's three managing partners. It's our policy to listen closely to our customers because user feedback plays an important role in our product development cycle. At Clear Sky Software, our number one priority is to give our customers everything they need for strong inventory management.

" I would like to say that the support team at Clear Sky Software has been the most professional and helpful IT support staff that I have encountered. They take the time to answer all questions, and seem to understand exactly what the issue is before I can finish the sentence. Extremely friendly and helpful."
Steve Kunz, Director of Restaurants, New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

Clear Sky Software's 1-year Software Maintenance Program (SMP) is available to all clients. The SMP gives clients direct access to the Clear Sky Software help desk to answer any technical questions. We know that your day needs to keep moving, so we don't slow the process down with automated prompts. All calls are answered and quickly assigned to a dedicated support representative. The SMP covers all aspects of technical support, from help in managing software and related database files to implementing software updates and enhancements. Our support team is available by phone during regular business hours and technical help docs and manuals are available here on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients with a current SMP also receive software upgrades free of charge. Renewable on an annual basis, our SMP minimizes downtime and protects your investment.

Over the years, we've seen relatively few equipment casualties. That said, maintaining healthy hardware and the latest and best equipment is standard at Clear Sky Software. Many vendors can offer manufacturer repair services for their equipment, but this process requires additional paperwork and could take weeks to complete. We understand the cost our clients incur when their hardware isn't functioning properly. Clear Sky Software's Equipment Repair Service (ERS) ensures that a loaner unit is sent overnight while the customer's unit is being repaired. Like our Software Maintenance Program, ERS is available to clients on a renewable yearly basis and focuses on minimizing any downtime.

Everyone at the Dallas Marriott Solana has been raving about Clear Sky Software's system, as well as the training they received. Thank you again for bring your great product to one of my hotels. Best regards.
Ladd R. Marks, Assistant General Manager, Dallas Marriott Solana Hotel

Successful coaches always attribute their team's success to the way they practiced before the big game. We understand the importance of a prepared staff and offer several options to ensure your team has received proper training. Clear Sky Software offers on site training for new users, usually in 1, 2, or 3-day programs of one-on-one and classroom instruction. Our trainers also help set up your initial inventory database to ensure the system is being used immediately and properly.

Clear Sky Software also offers a remote training program designed to fit flexible employee schedules and eliminate travel expenses. Instructional classes are provided via the internet and telephone conferencing. These live, interactive sessions cover all aspects of product use and allow the user to access the system during training. Our instructors observe and guide new users through the application by screen or by selected functions. Clear Sky Software's remote training program has proven ideal for customers experiencing staff turnover or for associates needing some brush-up training. There's no limit to the number of users in these sessions, which is another reason for the program's popularity among clients.

"Clear Sky Software's support team is very effective, knowledgeable and professional."
Jim Oswald, Executive Chef, Hartford Marriott Rocky Hill