how it works

Give us 30 days.

For over a decade, Clear Sky Software has helped hundreds of inventory managers manage their inventory with one versatile and reliable tool. Clear Sky Software is a complete inventory management solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Give our team 30 days with your operation.

"With Clear Sky Software, our beverage cost is 3.1% below last year at the same time. We have an easier ordering process and our perpetual inventory is always accurate and up to date. Beverage items can be tracked and controlled with ease, and period end inventory now takes 3 hours vs. a full 8-10 hours before the system."
Todd Militsis, Director of Operations, Renaissance Houston Hotel

Step One:  Gathering inventory data
pie chart Clear Sky Software replaces manual inventory counting with a handheld scanner that captures product bar codes and corresponding quantities. Inventory can be tracked by scanning bar codes on the products, bar code labels attached to shelves and racking, or bar codes arranged in a product control manual. Simply point and shoot, and the scanner keeps track. Once complete, the scanner is placed into a docking station connected to the inventory manager's computer. Then our custom designed communication program transfers the scanned inventory information to the inventory manager's computer for quick and easy reporting.

Clear Sky Software offers data import assistance and will work with you to create a highly functional database tailored to your hotel's inventory program. This service saves time and allows users to begin using their new system as soon as they are trained. Clear Sky Software's on site and web-based user training programs offer the flexibility necessary to cover multiple employee schedules and ensure all users are trained and prepared to use the system.

Step Two:  Taking control
report Gone are the days of two person inventory teams, count sheets and double-entry. Once inventory data is loaded into the system, you can get the jump on product issues, purchases, returns, usage and on hand inventory. Clear Sky Software automatically maintains a perpetual inventory and produces management reports key for increasing your operation's profits.

Calculate product costs and identify inventory needs from reorders to removal. Changing costs are automatically assigned to product issues using First In, First Out logic. Our easy to use interface brings important information to your fingertips and helps eliminate the discrepancies affecting your profit.

Step Three:  Seeing Clearly
magnifying glass Cut through the jungle of lesser systems and replace the headaches of manual counts with our barcode scanner and accurate, on-demand reporting. Clear Sky Software comes complete with technical support programs, hardware repair and loaner service and software enhancements and updates. Together we'll eliminate the errors associated with manual tracking and work to maintain a smaller inventory. With Clear Sky Software, you'll get the information you need to see your inventory clearly and create long-lasting profit.