the clear sky advantage

Is your paper the one doing the pushing?
paper stack

Manual entry of inventory items and receipts can overwhelm even the best inventory managers. Try spending as much as eight or nine hours calculating physical inventory, then turning stacks of loosely organized paperwork into a well-managed perpetual inventory.

Clear Sky Software gives you the tools to push back. Say goodbye to thick logbooks, stacks of receipts and being a late-night prisoner to your inventory management paperwork. Take control of your inventory by automating physical entry, receipt tracking and transfers. Then use our up-to-the-minute reporting capabilities to make the smart purchase decisions necessary for decreasing costs and increasing profits.

"If you are using a manual system, Clear Sky Software will return your investment in labor savings alone in one year."
Gary Oikemus, Assistant General Manager, Charlotte Marriott City Center

Save time and money by performing physical inventory the easy way. Our handheld scanner captures product bar codes and corresponding quantities and fits neatly into a docking station that transfers the information to the inventory manager's computer. Inventory discrepancies are identified automatically and orders can be created in seconds based on an accurate perpetual inventory.

"We can see at a glance what we have and what we need. Clear Sky Software has made the inventory and control process simple and very effective in maintaining inventory integrity and overall costs."
John Eddleman, Director of Restaurants, Renaissance Washington Hotel

The road to decreasing costs and increasing profits starts with strong inventory management. Our easy-to-use software puts inventory managers in the driver's seat with up-to-the-minute reports on purchases, usage, and product movement by date range. Information on fast and slow moving products is also available, telling you exactly what's selling best and when. Clear Sky Software gives you the ability to maintain a smaller inventory, spot profit-draining purveyor overcharges and deter internal theft.

"Clear Sky Software helped us bring our liquor costs down almost 3% last year and provided a system that is easy to use, monitor and maintain."
Jeff Hart, Director of Operations, Marina Beach Marriott

Clear Sky Software is designed to control inventory, reduce labor, lower costs, and increase profits. Our product is easy to learn and will improve your employees' day-to-day experience by eliminating the tedious aspects of inventory management.

Clear Sky Software offers one-on-one and classroom instruction to ensure your staff is leveraging our product to its fullest. We'll even oversee your initial inventory and assist you in preparing the inventory database in advance. With Clear Sky Software, users are trained to maximize the benefits of your technology investment.

And the best part? Clear Sky Software customer surveys show our software saves clients an average of 65 hours per month or 780 hours per year, meaning that the cost savings Clear Sky Software creates often pay for the product in 12 months or less.